BBC: Why virtual book tours are here to stay
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BBC: Why virtual book tours are here to stay

BBC: Why virtual book tours are here to stay

Celebrated author Isabel Allende is no stranger to international book tours.

The Chilean-American, winner of the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom, has published more than 20 books over the past four decades. But even before the pandemic she was ready to change the way she connects with her readers.

After a gruelling promotional schedule that took her through the US and Europe, ending in the UK in February 2020, the 79-year-old decided she had had enough of the relentless travel.

Before even leaving the airport on her return to her home, north of San Francisco, she turned to her daughter-in-law who had travelled with her and said that would be her last in-person book tour.

“We swore that we would never do another book tour because we were so sick and fed up,” Ms Allende remembers. “And two weeks later, the pandemic hit.”

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