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I offer training workshops, both in-person and virtual, on how to speak to the media; how to create your own digital content; and how to prepare for broadcast interviews.


How to Build a Village, the podcast I launched in 2020, offers resources and ideas on how to create a community when you move to a new place. I’ve loved interviewing amazing authors, entrepreneurs and journalists from all over the world.


I also offer podcast coaching services if you would like to launch your own podcast. I would highly recommend creating your own. It’s a great time to do it.

Create Media Content

In this training, you will learn how to create media content, such as long and short form video, podcasts and newsletters, to further your brand.

Public Speaking

Learn how to prepare for keynote speeches and video interviews.

How to Pitch

Want to learn the best way to tell your company’s story to the media?  Let’s begin!