About Me
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About Me

I create content for global media companies. I produce, edit and write digital videos, podcasts and live broadcasts to enhance brand awareness and audience engagement. As an educator, I teach broadcast and presentation skills and computer coding.


For more than more 15 years, I have reported, written and produced for the BBC, CNN and the Financial Times, among others. Covering business and financial news, I focus on such topics as female founders and sustainable trade. At CNN, I contributed to the Peabody Award-winning coverage of the Arab Spring.


I am passionate about technology, and volunteer as a mentor for CoderDojo, teaching beginners how to code. I was proud to win a Community Heroes’ Award for our work there.


As a media trainer, I coach newcomers on live broadcast style and best practice. I help executives, journalists and educators to prepare for broadcast interviews and conference presentations.


My writing, reporting and video productions have appeared on CNN, the Financial Times and the BBC’s multimedia platforms, reaching millions of viewers and readers. I have devised social media campaigns to increase traffic and audience interaction.


I have taught digital journalism, podcast production, media writing and public speaking to undergraduate and graduate students at City, University of London, as well as Emory University and Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.


I hold an MA in Communication from Georgia State University, and a BA from Cornell University.